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Turkey is situated at the crossroads of the cultures of Europe, Caucasia and the Middle East. Over centuries, people from various cultures have left their mark on the country, which still shows in many ways today.

Turkish cuisine and architecture are good examples thereof. However, what really stands out is the genuine hospitality of Turkish people, which originates from the encounters between the different cultures influencing the country over time. It is indeed the hospitality of the Turks that guarantees the country’s popularity as a holiday destination year after year.

About Turkey

Destination guides in Turkey

Located on the Turkish Riviera, Alanya is a favorite destination for northern European package travelers. Beautiful beaches, guaranteed sunshine and cheap prices ensure its popularity year after year.

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The capital of southern Turkey, Antalya, is growing in popularity year by year. In this growing metropolis, interesting history and vibrant local culture merge with a leisurely beach holiday.

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