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The medieval, fortified town of Trogir is located on a small island, connected to inland by two small bridges. It has been inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for having "conserved its urban fabric to an exceptional degree and with the minimum of modern interventions".

While Trogir has a lot to offer for anyone interested in cultural history, it also has numerous cozy outdoor restaurants for dining and having a few drinks in the utmost beauty of the town.

For the beach lovers, there are several beaches in the area outside the main island.

Trogir, Croatia

Where to stay in Trogir

Those coming to Trogir for a city holiday, would certainly prefer the main island inside the city walls. For those appreciating some peace and quiet with or without beach areas, there are several options nearby. Trogir is in fact a much larger town than just the main island.

The southern part of Trogir is spread over a larger island, Otok Čiovo. The terrain in South Trogir is hilly and the selection of services available is limited. The ascend to the hills begin right after the Čiovo Bridge.

The terrain north of the canal is flat, and there are more services compared to the southern side. For example, there’s a large outdoor market place as well as a good grocery store right by the bus station.

The largest beach in the area situates at the village of Okrug Gornji on Čiovo island. It also serves as an option for accommodation, if you prefer beach life over city life. You can read more about it at the beach section.

Things to do in Trogir

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence, or Trogir Cathedral, is a magnificent Venetian basilica and a landmark in Trogir. The Bell tower can be seen from everywhere and it offers great views to the area.

Trogir Croatia

The view from the bell tower of the Trogir Cathedral

Fortress Kamerlengo

On the edge of the main island, there’s an old stand-alone fortress. It consists of walls, towers and an inner yard, which is a venue for performances around the year.

Fortress Kamerlengo - Trogir

Fortress Kamerlengo

Boat tours

Croatia is famous for its beautiful islands and coastline. Whether you'd like to rent a boat, take part in a boat tour, or hire a skipper for your private island hopping, there are options for every taste.

Water sports

At least jet ski safaris, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking are great options, if you wish to spend an active holiday in Trogir.


There are several pebble beaches around the Trogir area, but none in the main island.

  • One beach within walking distance, Gradska Plaža, is situated east of the bus station. There are a couple of cafes on the beach.
  • A bigger one, Pantan beach, is located about one kilometer further to the east from the previously mentioned beach.
  • On the southern side, 700 meters to the east from the bridge, there is a very small beach for sunbathing and swimming. It's situated just after the piers.
  • On the northern side, a couple of kilometers to the west along the shoreline of the main island, there’s a long stretch of pebble beaches with many services available. They are located on the western side of the town, in an area called Seget Donji. It's a 10-minute ferry ride or a two-kilometer walk away from Trogir.
  • South of Trogir, on the Čiovo island near the town Okrug Gornji, there is an almost one-kilometer-long Cobacabana beach with several beach bars and other services. The distance from Trogir to the beach is about two kilometers, but there’s a large hill in between, so walking there is not the best way.


Below, there are some examples of restaurant and hotel prices at the main island of Trogir. Trogir is more affordable than the more famous neighbor, Split.

The costs of hotel rooms refer to median prices at Booking.com.


Pizza in restaurant

Steak in restaurant

33 cl beer in restaurant

Hotel room, 3-4* (April)

Hotel room, 3-4* (July)







From the airport

Trogir is only six kilometers away from the Split Airport. A taxi costs about 150 kunas (20 euros).
Taxis don't go all the way to the Trogir center, since there are no roads for cars. Taxis are allowed on the ring road around the main island, but not on the promenade on the southern side. The taxi stand is by the supermarket Konzum, just before the bridge that leads to the old town.

The bus station is located on the opposite side of the street.

Bus 37 runs between Trogir and Split, with a stop at the airport. Bear in mind, however, that the stop is not in front of the terminal, but on the road going past the airport instead. So, you must walk about 300 meters from the terminal to the bus stop.

Timetables and more information: promet-split.hr

Weather in Trogir

Trogir Croatia

Winter: In the winter, there’s a typical Mediterranean winter weather in Trogir. Along with the mild temperatures, there’s high humidity and frequent rain. The average daily high temperatures usually vary between 8-15 °C. At night, sub-zero temperatures are possible but unlikely. Extremely strong Bora winds can sometimes hit Trogir in the winter.

Spring: Spring is a great time to visit Trogir. Bear in mind, however, that the water is still cold and may spoil the fun, if you’re a keen swimmer. The daily high temperatures surpass 20°C early in the spring, but the evenings aren’t that warm and there’s often a cold wind blowing. Therefore, it’s best to have a coat with you. May is already a very warm month with temperatures going constantly over 20°C and closing in on 30°C. It rains less in spring compared with winter and autumn months.

Summer: From June to August the sunshine is pretty much guaranteed. It really gets hot in Trogir, as the temperatures climb to 30 °C and above.

Autumn: September is still a warm month with frequent beach weather. The temperature in September stays well above 20 °C and at night around 20 °C, but the total rainfall is higher in comparison to August. In mid-October, the weather cools down to under 20 °C, and it rains more often. October, November and December are the rainiest months of the year.


Text and images: Jussi Ryynänen

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