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The tiny nation of Estonia is living between eastern and western influences. 15 % of the spa-enthusiast population gathers together to sing national songs every five years.

Estonia sang its way to independence after the crash of the Soviet Union, which was also the beginning of the new era of prosperity in Estonia. Today, the iron curtain has only crumbs left, and the e-Estonia is considered as the Silicon Valley of Europe.

About Estonia

The finest travel attractions of Estonia include Tallinn, the capital, and its intriguing Old Town, the romantic spas and manor hotels of the country side, the white nights of the Saaremaa island and the golden beaches of Pärnu!

Tallinn, which is situated by the coast of the Gulf of Finland in Northern Estonia, is the financial and cultural center of the country. The Old Town of Tallinn is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With its high stone walls and narrow, cobblestone alleys provide a perfect setting for a unique adventure into the medieval Baltic region. Tallinn is an obvious location to begin a tour in Estonia, since international flights are almost entirely operated via Tallinn.

The lush Estonian islands, Hiiumaa and Saaremaa, are great locations to recharge your batteries. The leisurely life and beautiful nature of the islands can be conveniently exploder by bike. The manor and spa hotels of the islands guarantee your piece of mind.

Pärnu is the most famous holiday resort in the country, which is well-suited for both adults and kids to enjoy. In summer, the town is filled with sporting events, and the shoreline is busy with water sport enthusiasts. Due to the long white shoreline and shallow waters, Pärnu is well-suited for families with children.

Population Approx. 1.3 m.
Capital Tallinn
Language Estonian
EU country Yes
Schengen country Yes
Plug type C (European model)
Currency Euro


The surface area of Estonia is small with very little variation in the landscape, and thus the weather and temperatures remain similar throughout the country. Estonia is at its most beautiful in the sunny days of the summer months, when the highest daytime temperatures peak somewhere between 20°C and 30°C. The summer months are between June and August.

Autumn is rainy in the whole country. In September, daily highs begin to drop to 10-15°C. In October, daytime temperatures keep on declining reaching around 0°C towards the Christmas.

Snow cover stays on the ground in January, which together with February constitute the coldest time of the year. Temperatures vary between -5°C and -20°C.

Snow begins to melt in March, as temperatures rise above 0°C again. In April, the highest daytime temperatures ascend to about 10°C. The sunny days of April are excellent for a visit in Tallinn.

Based on a survey by Eurostat in 2018, prices in Estonia were under the European average in terms of accommodation and restaurants. The other destinations outside Tallinn are clearly cheaper in general than the capital.

Estonia is generally speaking a safe country for traveling. Roads are in good condition and traffic rules are respected. Pickpocket thefts take place in Tallinn sometimes, and you should be careful in public places.

All taxi companies determine their own prices; hence, do check the prices beforehand. Bolt, which is an Uber type of service, operates well in larger cities and has the widest coverage in the country.

Destination guides in Estonia

The Old Town, which is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the gem of the unique city of Tallinn. The cobblestone alleys of the Old Town, the medieval churches and ancient merchant houses lead the visitors deep into the history of the Hansa town.

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