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Albania has a vivid, renowned history under the influence of ancient empires. Yet, the stories of the charming country itself remain mostly unknown.

Today, this country of rugged mountains, clear sees and worn out castles is creating its own narrative for the whole world to acknowledge.

About Albania

Albania is situated between Greece and Montenegro. It is a relatively new destination with plenty of pristine nature to explore. Although the majority of the country’s surface area is covered with mountains, the best-known and most developed destinations, such as Durres and Saranda, are located on the coast. In addition to the coastal destinations, the capital Tirana is getting more and more popular each year.

The undeveloped infrastructure is slowing down the growth of tourism. There are only a few international airports in the country and the road network is in poor condition. Therefore, traveling within the country takes a lot of time.

Population approx. 2.9 m.
Capital Tirana
Language Albanian
EU country No
Schengen country No
Plug type C (European model)
Currency Albanian lek (ALL)

While Albania has different climate systems, the coastal destinations experience a Mediterranean climate. The beach season takes place between the end of May and mid-October.

Especially the beginning of June and the end of September are great time periods to visit the Albanian coast, as the hottest days of the mid-summer are either yet to come or already over. During these prime holiday periods, the highest daily temperatures remain at 22-26 C, and the seawater is over 20 C. During the hottest periods in the middle of the summer, the temperatures peak to about 33-35 C during the daytime.

Albania is in every aspect one the cheapest countries in Europe. Especially the cost of travel essentials, such as accommodation and restaurants, were the lowest in Europe according to a survey by Eurostat in 2018. On the other hand, the prices of clothing and shoes were equivalent to the European average, and therefore shopping isn’t considered exceptionally cheap in Albania.

Albania is a safe country for travelers in general and tourists are welcomed with open arms.

Serious earthquakes can occur in Albania. During the 2019 earthquake near Durres, dozens of people lost their lives.

Beware of pick pockets in the busy streets and public transportation of the capital Tirana. Abide by these common rules in these situations:

Always keep your bags closed and carry them on your front.

Always keep your wallet in your front pocket or in a locked bag, and do not carry large sums of money with you.

Avoid having your passport with you when out in the city. When you do have it with you, pay extra attention.

Albanian road network is in poor condition and lighting is insufficient, so don’t overlook road safety issues. If you’re driving, avoid driving in the dark.

Destinations in Albania

The most popular holiday destination, Durres, is situated just 40 kilometers away from Tirana. Its 10-kilometer-long stretch of beach and low prices attract tourists from the end of May until mid-October.

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Saranda is a quiet holiday destination that is situated on the southern tip of the Albanian riviera, on the coast of the turquoise Ionian Sea.

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