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Budapest, Danube, Balaton, spas and hot springs, wine areas, goulash and pepper – all very good reasons to travel to Hungary!

About Hungary

With regard to Hungarian destinations, the number of tourists visiting Budapest is in a league of its own. There are more possibilities for accommodation in Budapest than in the next ten most popular destinations combined.

Another area with several resorts of different sizes is Lake Balaton, which is 77 kilometers in length. Siófok, Balatonfüred and Balatonlelle are among the most popular of these resorts. Lake Balaton is a shallow lake and a very popular holiday destination for both locals and tourists.

Population Approx. 9.8 M
Capital Budapest
Language Hungarian
EU country Yes
Schengen country Yes
Plug type C (European model)
Currency Forint (HUF)

Trees leaf out in early April. The weather in April and May changes a lot, ranging from summerlike warm to cool with only about 10°C.

Summers are warm with low amount of precipitation. Occasionally, temperatures can peak close to about 40°C but are typically on both sides of 30°C. If it rains, it is likely to be a thunderstorm.

Summerlike weather continues until September but changes strongly towards winterlike weather in October.

The price level in Hungary is well below the European average, and with regard to hotels and restaurants, it is among the ten cheapest European countries. Generally speaking, the price of clothing is similar everywhere in Europe, but slightly below the average in Hungary. The price of shoes is equivalent to the European average.

Hungary is mostly a safe country for traveling, but typical tourist scams do take place in Budapest:

  • Beware of pickpockets.
  • It is recommendable to order a taxi from a reliable taxi company (e.g. Fö), for instance, with a mobile application.
  • In restaurants, it is worth while checking that the bill doesn’t contain any extra costs, such as an already added tip, or costs for spices or bread that have not been ordered.

Destinations in Hungary

The capital of Hungary is a versatile destination. You could easily spend a week or two among its attractions, cultural events, spas and street cafes. Budapest is a fine destination all year round.

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