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France is a familiar country to most – at least in terms of images in everyone’s mind: Endless fields and lush vineyards, romantic castles and hilltop villages, croissant-scented metropolitan market squares, the fancy boulevards of coastal towns and the rugged mountains of the Alps.

About France

Destination guides in France

Discover one of the most beautiful cities in Provence. Be amazed by medieval architecture and enchanted by small alleys. The historic and vibrant city of Avignon offers a mix of art, culture, world-class wines and wonderful natural oases.

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Bordeaux is the wine capital of the world and a dream destination for food lovers, where the elegance of the 18th century is combined with modern urban planning and art.

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Nimes is rightly called the French Rome. The combination of imposing Roman buildings and contemporary history as well as the proximity to the Mediterranean make the city and its surroundings a varied holiday destination.

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The Breton capital is bursting with a colorful mix of creativity, culture, exciting history and amazing architecture. On a journey through the Rennes area, you can also follow in the footsteps of the mystical and eventful past of Brittany.

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