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Schladming is a traditional skiing paradise and a regular host to the events of the Alpine Ski World Cup. Even the Alpine World Ski Championships were held there in 2013. The events attract a lot of winter sport fans to the region.

Thanks to its ideal location in the nature, the Schladming municipality is a true paradise for the enthusiasts of winter sport and nature. Whether you’re traveling on your own, as a couple or with your family, you’ll be able to enjoy the numerous excursions in the wonderful Alpine landscape all year round.

Schladming is located in the water-rich federal state of Styria. The area provides many versatile, enjoyable ways to cool off and keep warm all year round.

Mountains in Schladming
Photo: wildman -

Where to stay in Schladming

There are plenty of choices of accommodation available for tourists. However, you should make reservations well in advance, especially for the winter month holidays.

Most options are located very centrally, and they are easily accessible. Depending on your preferences, there are special options available. These include a rustic Alpine hut, a family-oriented option or a relaxing sports and wellness hotel.

The neighboring towns, such as Haus, Pichl, Rohrmoos and Ramsau, are also suitable alternatives for overnight stays. These can be reached in less than 30 minutes [with various means of transportation], and they also serve as good starting points for your planned activities in the nature.

Things to do in Schladming

For each season, there’s plenty of versatile things to experience for visitors of all ages.

During the warmer seasons, there’s something extra on offer for your stay. From late May to mid-October, certain accommodation establishments have a free summer card included, providing discounts for more than 100 activities.

Schladming city center
Schladming village center - Photo: bettina sampl -

The village center of Schladming

In addition to the international importance in skiing, Schladming is a small but nice place that invites you to stroll around and relax.

Schladming has an interesting mining history. Find out more by visiting the Nickel Museum and experience the past firsthand.

Treat yourself with a glass of refreshing beer in the over century-old local brewery, and while you’re at it, learn new exciting things about hops and malt.

The Dachstein Glacier

The 2700-meter-high Dachstein Glacier is situated on the highest mountain of the state of Styria, and it is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the whole region. Quite rightly so, it belongs to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Take a ride over Schladming and the surrounding area. The panoramic gondola takes you past the rugged walls of the mountains and provides a unique view of the landscape. At the top of the summit, the wonderful, picturesque view is accompanied with fascinating activities in good weather. Even if you’re not a winter sport enthusiast, the glacier has plenty in store for you between the months of December and May.
  • Experience the breathtaking suspension bridge, the highest in Austria. Feel the thrill while enjoying the great view, the mountain panorama and the huge rock formations right below you.
  • After crossing the bridge, show your courage by stepping onto the "stairway to nothingness". Step on the glass plateau and enjoy the floating feeling among the wonderful natural panorama. It is definitely worth it.
  • Enjoy another spectacular view on the Sky Walk viewing platform, directly at the Dachstein mountain station. Let your eyes wander into the distance, to the Hohe Tauern national park and to the Czech Republic and Slovenia.
  • Then go on a journey through Europe in the wondrous world of ice and snow in the Dachstein Ice Palace. Marvel at the fantastic ice sculptures, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Vienna Ferris Wheel, the Dutch windmills and much more.
Stairway to nothingness near Schladming
Stairway to nothingness - Photo: santiago silver -

For more information about these excursions, visit the Dachstein website.

Skiing - Schladming-Dachstein

If you love winter sports, the regular World Cup host Schladming-Dachstein is certainly the right place. The surrounding area offers plenty of pure fun on your skis: extensive ski tours, wonderful cross-country trails and toboggan runs for young and old.

Downhill skiing in Schladming
Photo: Nikolai Korzhov -

The Schladming-Dachstein region offers 230 kilometers of fun on the slopes. You can easily reach several areas within the interconnected four-mountain skiing range, with the Planai, Hauser Kaibling, Reiteralm and Hochwurzen included. Here, you are guaranteed a great view at an altitude of over 2000 meters. For some extra action and fun, try the Superpark.

If you fancy some nighttime action on the snow, try the special night skiing experience on the Hochwurzen.

For more information on the extensive winter offers in the Schladming-Dachstein region, read their website.

Walking tours

The area is at its most beautiful along the 1000-kilometer-long network of hiking trails, which will certainly motivate you to hike more.

You can expect a huge selection of peaks, fantastic mountain lakes and valleys worth seeing. There are lots of things to discover, ranging from wonderful family-friendly circular hiking trails to sporting challenges.

The Wild Waters theme trail

The Wild Waters theme trail is an over 10-kilometer-long hiking trail that guarantees an eventful excursion. As the name suggests, the trail goes via refreshing, crystal-clear streams, waterfalls and the Riesachsee lake. The entire route is suitable for a day trip but can be hiked in stages as well.


The Spiegelsee lake at Reiteralm provides a truly picturesque sight of the Dachstein glacier. In good weather, Dachstein and its reflection on the icy surface of the lake provide a magnificent backdrop for a photo. The official name of the Spiegelsee lake (Mirror lake) is Mittersee.

Spiegelsee - Photo: Christa -

The Schladminger Tauern High Trail hiking tour

If you‘re looking for a multi-day hike, the Schladminger Tauern High Trail is an excellent tour. In 5 days, you’ll be able to experience pure nature with numerous rippling streams and wonderful views. What better way to enjoying hiking?


From Schladming, head off to the World Cup path of Planai, the track of the top athletes.

Alternatively, explore the interesting flora and fauna of the area along the comfortable panoramic circular route that takes about 40 minutes to complete. There are other hiking routes unfolding along the route, which are indicated by signposts.

On the move with the family

There are plenty of excursions on offer, where also the younger generations will enjoy themselves.

Rittisberg mountain

  • Even in summer, all toboggan fans are sure to get their money's worth at Rittisberg. Slide down the whole 1300 meters and enjoy the speed! The lift system takes you comfortably back to the mountain.
  • The Flyline Rittisberg offers an exceptional route through the forest. Slide along the curved track among the treetops and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • If you’re not afraid of the heights, take on the high ropes course in the forest. Find your way from tree to tree at varying heights. It may be a bit of an effort, but it's worth it!
Toboggan run at Rittisberg
Toboggan run at Rittisberg - Photo: josefkubes -

Hochwurzen – The toboggan run and the Mountain go-kart

If you’re up for a different kind of run down the mountain, try the 7-kilometer-long toboggan run. Enjoy the unique mountain panorama during the crazy ride.

Late-hour tobogganing is also a very special experience. If you need a little breather as you go, the huts along the way have refreshments on offer. If you already have a ski ticket, the toboggan run is included in the price; otherwise find out about the tickets here. You can get the sledges in the rental shop on site.

In summer, the toboggan run turns into a go-kart track down to the valley. You’re guaranteed an exciting ride on three wheels!

Thermal baths of Styria

Do you fancy a relaxing day while the kids are having fun? Then pamper yourself in one of the many thermal baths in Styria. The spa that is situated closest to Schladming is Grimming Thermal Springs. The main focus is on family entertainment. Be ready for a day with plenty of versatile action!

For more tips, get inspired on the Schladming-Dachstein website.

Food and restaurants

Schladming is an ideal starting point for extraordinary culinary experiences. Thanks to the beautiful mountain landscape, there are plenty of Alpine huts around, with traditional specialties and a rustic atmosphere inviting you to stay. There are many good options by the nearby mountains, and you should definitely have one of these huts on your itinerary. Some of them are also accessible to pedestrians without any ski and cable car tickets.

In the valley, there are international restaurants, traditional inns, cozy coffee houses and above all good hotel restaurants at your disposal. Since the center of Schladming is not very big, you’ll be sure find something of your taste on foot.

Apple strudel
Apple strudel - Photo: Alyona Tec -

The Schladming region have various apple and pumpkin specialties on offer. The restaurants serve delicacies such as apple strudel or apple tiramisu. If you like anything sweet, make sure you don’t miss these.

While Styrian pumpkin seed oil has gained popularity across Austria, it is a very typical product of Styria. The dark oil gives the final touch to local dishes such as pumpkin cream soup and salads with potato, butter bean, fried chicken or beef. In addition, there are many other pumpkin specialties on the menus waiting to spoil your taste buds.

Another regional, simple dish is sterz. This is served in a variety of ways, ranging from a sweet dish with coffee to a salty side dish. It may consist of different types of flour and there are plenty of recipes around. It used to be a standard meal for agricultural workers and farmers, and it’s definitely worth trying.

Local snack plates, Jausenplatten, are common in local households and especially in the kitchens of the mountain huts. Examples of the types of food include crackling fat and pork fat as a spread, garlic sausages, bacon variations and the typical Styrian cheese.

Drinks and nightlife

Most and Sturm are popular local thirst quenchers throughout Austria, which you can enjoy especially in autumn. If you are in Styria between September and October, these are definitely worth a glass.

Above all, the Schilchersturm, made from a certain red grape variety from Styria, is the highlight of the region. The Schilcher is also served as wine.

Most consists of fermented juice from apples and pears. It comes either as an alcoholic drink or a non-alcoholic sweet drink.

Many skiers stop by the mountain huts for a few drinks during the day. Typical drinks are the refreshing raspberry-lemon-schiwasser or the heart-warming, alcoholic Jägertea.

Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with a well-deserved beer either, while enjoying the slopes to the fullest.

Alpine terrace
Photo: YesPhotographers-

The traditional after-ski huts have a long tradition in Austria, and they provide a great setting to have fun and celebrate on the mountain or in the valley. In fact, Schladming contains the largest after-ski hut in Europe. During the day, there are plenty of well-deserved culinary treats available and at night, you can hit the dance floor.

If you want to take it a little easier, try the bars in the center. The main square and its side streets, such as Salzburgerstrasse or Pfarrgasse, have nice establishments for toasting to your vacation.

Events in Schladming

Nightrace Schladming (the end of January)

Each January, Schladming hosts perhaps the most spectacular ski race of the World Cup season with up to 45 000 enthusiastic spectators celebrating on site. If you’re there at this time, you’ll certainly feel the extraordinary atmosphere.

Mid Europe Brass Music Festival (mid-July)

Experience one of the largest brass music festivals in Europe with different genres of classical, swing, rock and much more well represented. Musicians from around 15 nations play together and inspire the audience with their passion.

Christmas market and Perchtenlauf (the end of November - December)

Pay a visit to the traditional Christmas market and get in the mood for the Christmas season, while spoiling yourself with Styrian delicacies and handmade souvenirs in the middle of the snowy landscape.

If you are there at the right moment, experience one of the events of the Perchtenlauf, the largest carnival in the Alps, with around 800 Krampusses and other quaint figures around.

Perchtenlauf in Salzburg
Perchtenlauf in Salzburg - Photo: Tourismus Salzburg

Shopping in Schladming

Schladming isn’t a shopping paradise, but getting fine souvenirs is not a problem.

There are shops for traditional high-quality items at the main square and its vicinity, such as on the Coburgstrasse. Since Schladming is a popular starting point for sporting activities, there’s a good selection of outdoor clothing available.

What to bring home from Schladming?

Pumpkin products - Pumpkin seed oil as well as unusual pumpkin products are very important to Styria. The noble, dark oil is a suitable souvenir for you and your loved ones, giving that special touch to your meals. If you're not an oil lover, there are specialties such as pumpkin chutneys, chocolates, and even alcoholic beverages that have been refined with pumpkin.

Pumpkin seed oil
Pumpkin seed oil - Photo: fredredhat -

Schnapps and liqueur – Typical to Austria, schnapps and liqueur are a common household assortment. With the wide range of products available, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Depending on your taste, choose between sweet, fruity, strong or creamy delicacies.

Price level

Below, there are some examples of the price level in Schladming. Prices of hotels refer to median prices at


Pizza in restaurant

33 cl beer in restaurant

Hotel room, 3-4* (February)

Hotel room, 3-4* (July)






From the airport to the center

The nearest airport is in Salzburg some 90 kilometers away. From there, you can get to Schladming by bus and train in about 2 hours. Some bus connections are also available from Salzburg Central Station. A taxi or a shuttle, which are also listed on the airport website, are quicker but more expensive methods of transportation. For a taxi ride, be prepared to pay over 100 euros due to the long distance.

Other airports connected to Schladming are Graz (180 kilometers), Innsbruck, Munich (260 kilometers), Vienna (300 kilometers) and Linz (155 kilometers). From these airports, the best way to get to Schladming is by train.

The weather in Schladming

Photo: Netzer Johannes -

Winter: From December to early March, the average temperatures are the lowest of the year. The temperatures tend to drop below 0°C at night and rise above 0°C during the daytime. The months from mid-December to mid-March are considered the most reliable for good snow conditions. There’s an obvious change of fluctuation.

Spring: From March to May, the temperatures range between 10°C and 20°C. April and May are often suitable for hiking and biking tours as well as other outdoor activities.

Summer: The temperatures rise to about 25°C, which is fairly moderate. For a summer vacation, the weather conditions are suitable usually from the end of June to the end of August, during which temperatures tend to be the highest.

Autumn: Temperatures may remain up to 20°C until early autumn. Hikers can continue enjoying tours in the mountain landscape usually until early October, with temperatures of around 15°C. In November, temperatures drop below 10°C.


Text: Katrin Lindenbauer
Images: Adobe Stock

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