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Finland is one the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. The country is famous for its clean nature, saunas and people who think highly of peace.

One of the country's greatest tourist attractions is its versatile nature. The pearls of the country are the rugged fells of the north, the endless lake scenery of the central areas and the east, and the labyrinthine archipelago of the south and the west.

About Finland

Destination guides in Finland

The lively culture hub, Helsinki, by the Baltic Sea combines both eastern and western influences in its architecture. Helsinki has been awarded the UNESCO Creative Cities status, and this modern city prioritizes the inhabitants and visitors in its urban planning. This has resulted in well-functioning transportation, and the harmony of the city and its nature.

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Hämeenlinna is the oldest city in mainland Finland and the southern gate to the Finnish Lakeland. Hämeenlinna is a good option for a day trip, as it is situated only a good hour away from the capital. It is a peaceful, almost dreamy little city surrounded by lakes - a perfect getaway.

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Levi is the most popular ski resort in Finland with after ski parties going strong all day long! The village itself is packed with restaurants, bars and alpine houses, and it is surrounded by rugged fells. The ski season is triggered by the FIS Alpine World Cup taking place at Levi usually around mid-November.

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Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus is the most popular travel destination of the north. Rovaniemi has a lot to discover: art museums, natural museums, excellent restaurants and good-quality hotels. The city is also a good base to head out for snow activities in the Lappish nature.

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The third-biggest city of Finland is located in the southern Finnish Lakeland area. The red brick chimneys rising high above the city remind of the industrial working-class roots of the city. In summer, the Särkänniemi theme park guarantees an unforgettable day for the whole family.

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Turku, the former capital of Finland, is rich in history dating back the first stages of the nation. Turku Castle and Turku Cathedral, both built in the 13th century, constitute the most impressive cultural attractions of the country. In summer, Turku bursts into life as people are enjoying the sun in the lush parks and the terrace boats by the river Aura.

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