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The diversity of Poland as a travel destination exceeds its reputation.

In addition to its best-known city destinations, Poland contains numerous white sandy beaches on the coast of the Baltic Sea, ski resorts in the south, and wine regions in the east and the south.

About Poland

The top 3 city destinations are Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow. The 2016 European Capital of Culture, Wroclaw in southern Poland, is yet another great choice.

Sopot on the coast of the Baltic Sea is the most famous beach destination. Gdynia constitutes a tri-city together with Sopot and Gdansk, allowing convenient train connections among them. The yearly Open'er Festival in Gdynia attracts world class artists and celebrities to the town.

The best-known ski resort, Zakopane, is situated close to the Slovakian border.

Population Approx. 38 m.
Capital Warsaw
Language Polish
EU country Yes
Schengen country Yes
Plug type C (European model)
Currency Polish zloty (PLN)

Summers are moderately warm and winters cold/mild depending on the area. It rains less on average in Poland than, for example, in Central Europe.

Spring, summer and autumn are all good seasons to visit city destinations. In beach destinations, July and August are obviously the best months for a visit.

In Poland, the price level is well below the European average. With regard to food prices, Poland is among the cheapest in Europe.

The prices of clothing are not far off from the European average, as is the case in all European destinations.

Generally speaking, Poland is a safe country for traveling. In big cities, however, tourists are at risk of scams and thefts that can be avoided by paying extra attention to your belongings.

With regard to nightlife, there are attempts of overcharging credit cards (erotic bars mostly), and cash is therefore recommended. The use of knockout drops is not unheard of.

Taxis without the company logo and a phone number on the side of the car are to be avoided; otherwise there’s a risk of overcharging.

Destination guides in Poland

The Old Town of Gdansk is at its finest in summer, as the restaurant terraces are open, and the streets are swarming with people. The modern center that provides excellent shopping possibilities is situated right next to the Old Town. The Polish Riviera unfolds just a few kilometers the center of Gdansk.

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Sopot with its white sandy shore is the gem of the Polish Riviera. The town wakes up in summer; in addition to its beaches, the town is famous for its busy nightlife.

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