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Denmark and its people are doing great – the relaxed and happy feeling shows in the faces of the Danes. It’s hard to imagine that the ancestors of the present-day Danes were Vikings that caused so much fear and mayhem. Things are different now - modern Denmark is a forerunner in design, gastronomy and ecology.

About Denmark

Denmark is composed of Central and Southern Jutland as well as hundreds of islands. Zealand, the North Jutlandic Island and Fyn are the most significant islands. Although Denmark is better known for its city destinations rather than beach destinations, the country has plenty of beautiful fine sandy beaches to enjoy.

Copenhagen is located on the island of Zealand. It is the most popular destination in Denmark and a perfect fit for both a short weekend break and a longer stay. Copenhagen is a pretty expensive destination, but there’s something for everyone to enjoy: the Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park for kids, numerous museums for art enthusiasts, castles for history fans, Strøget for shopping - and who wouldn’t enjoy sipping a drink on a terrace in Nyhavn, while watching the world go by? In summer, you should hit the beach in Copenhagen; for example the Amager beach is located just 7 kilometers away from the very center.

The shoreline of North Zealand is better known as the Danish Riviera with interesting attractions along the way. These include the Louisiana Museum of Modern art and the Kronborg castle in Helsingør, which is also the venue for the events of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In addition, North Zealand contains the Frederiksborg castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in the country.

Fyn is an island that is situated in the middle of the country between Zealand and Jutland. In Fyn, the best-known destination is the third biggest city of Denmark, Odense, which feels more like a small, picturesque town rather than a city. H.C. Andersen, a famous writer of children’s books, was born and raised in Odense, and his childhood home is open for visiting. There’s also museum dedicated to H.C. Andersen in Odense. In the museum, you can learn about the writer’s life.

The second largest city of Denmark, Århus, is situated in Central Jutland. Århus is a prime example of the hygge of the Danes. People tend to be slightly more relaxed in towns that are smaller than the capital, which applies to Århus as well. Yet, Århus has everything you need for a city holiday: interesting architecture, fascinating history, high-quality restaurants - and a busy nightlife which is guaranteed by the city’s large number of students. Also located in Jutland, Billund is the home to the Legoland Theme Park, which is one of the most famous attractions in the country.

Population Approx. 5.6 m.
Capital Copenhagen
Language Danish
EU country Yes
Schengen country Yes
Plug type C (European model)
Currency Danish krone

Denmark has a small surface area and a flat landscape. The weather is pretty much the same all over the country. Yet, the western coast by the Atlantic Ocean has a bit more rain than the eastern coast. Copenhagen and the rest of the larger cities are suitable destinations all year round. Beach destinations are recommended only in July and August, both of which are warm months with seawater temperatures rising to about 20°C. In Denmark, the summertime weather is moderate with temperatures hardly ever rising above 30 °C.

Denmark is an expensive country by European standards. Based on a survey by Eurostat in 2018, Denmark was the fourth most expensive country in terms of accommodation and restaurants in Europe.

Denmark is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. According to International SOS, the largest medical & travel security services provider in the world, the risks involved in traveling in Denmark are next to nothing. Nonetheless, you should abide by general safety rules and pay attention to your valuables in the busy streets of the largest cities.

Destination guides in Denmark

Copenhagen is a perfect destination for a short mini vacation. The city offers new trends, world-class culinary experiences, cozy urban culture and an excellent selection of activities for the whole family.

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