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With over 3 000 hours of sunshine each year, Malta is the sunniest holiday destination in Europe. When the rest of Europe is recovering from winter or suffering from heavy autumn rain, the crystal-clear waters and the rugged, yet beautiful nature of Malta are at their finest.

Malta is a versatile travel destination with ancient history and fine sandy beaches within close distances to each other.

About Malta

The holiday destinations of Malta can be divided into historical towns and beach destinations. The main island, Malta, contains two cities that are famous for their rich history and city walls: the current capital, Valletta, and the former capital, Mdina, i.e. “The Silent City”. As for the rest of the destinations, they mainly consist of beach resorts along the coast.

The island of Gozo is significantly smaller than the main island. Its capital Victoria with a centuries-old fortress, Cittadella, is situated at the very center of the island. As is the case with the main island, the coast of Gozo contains beach destinations as well.

Population 494 000
Capital Valletta
Language Maltese
EU country Yes
Schengen country Yes
Plug type British model
Currency Euro

Summers are hot with scarce rainfall. Temperatures reach and exceed 30-35°C regularly in July-August. The weather won’t cool down significantly until October, but since the seawater is still warm then, October is a fine month for a beach holiday in cooler conditions. On the other hand, the chances of rain also increase in October, and some kind of a compromise has to be made. The months with the highest probability of sunshine are between June and August.

The city destinations of Malta are good holiday spots all year round. Although the chances of rain are rather high during the late autumn and winter, Malta nonetheless has the most hours of sunlight in Europe with daytime temperatures of 10-20°C during the period.

In case you want to avoid the hottest weather, the heaviest rain and the biggest rush of tourists in Maltese city destinations, the months between April and May are the best time of the year for a visit. Moreover, the weather is already comfortably warm by then.

Malta is somewhat cheaper than European destinations on average. According to the statistics by Eurostat in 2018, the price level in Malta is below the European average on every indicator. In the capital, however, especially the hotel rooms prices are well above the average of the rest of the country.

Malta is a safe country with low crime, but basic safety measures against, for example, pickpockets are always recommended.

Currents can be strong at times, and always check the warning flags on beaches – red means that swimming is prohibited. Outside the holiday seasons, there may be no flags nor lifeguards on the beaches.

Mind the left-hand traffic. Even when walking, cars approaching from unconventional directions may surprise you.

Destination guides in Malta

Bugibba is a holiday destination in the northern part of the country’s main island. The best Maltese beaches are situated close to Bugibba.

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Comino is a small island between Malta and Gozo and a nice day trip destination from either of the islands. There’s one very good reason to visit Comino: the Blue Lagoon between two islands with crystal-clear water and white sand.

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Gozo is a smaller, less busy and more idyllic version of the main island Malta. Gozo, which is situated north of Malta, contains various types of attractions from ancient fortified towns to beach destinations. The island is suitably small to include several destinations into a one-day trip. Several destinations combined is also the best way the get the most out of the visit to the island.

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“The Silent City” Mdina, encircled by medieval walls, is the former capital of Malta and typically a day trip destination. While it doesn’t take long to explore Mdina, neighboring Rabat has plenty of additional attractions to explore, such as the famous catacombs. Therefore, you could easily spend a couple of days in the area.

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Sliema is the center of business activities with excellent shopping possibilities. Considering its prime location, Sliema has good and affordable hotel selection.

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Paceville, a district in St Julian’s, is the party center of Malta. The party people are typically rather young of age, and parties go on until morning. Nonetheless, St. Julian’s may suit other types of visitors as well, since outside partying, there’s plenty of other things to do, ranging from water sports to restaurant services.

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The capital of Malta is an excellent destination all year round. Valletta contains different historic attractions within minutes from each other on foot. Maltese architecture is at its best in Valletta.

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A short guide to the best sandy beaches in Malta. Photos, a map and basic information.

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